My organic adventure


This is my first blog post in a while but I felt it right to respond to this prompt. Inspired by #FOWC : Reverie is the prompt word. It is fun to daydream. I do it after I've meditated and... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Here I Come

A couple days ago I accepted a research job down in Baltimore. The timing was quite incredible and almost feels unreal. I graduated just over a month ago and I already have a job? All I can say is I'm... Continue Reading →

Finding a common ground

If I learned anything in college it was that you will meet a lot of people that challenge you, with their thoughts, beliefs, actions, words. Good thing in college I also learned how I can use that to better myself.... Continue Reading →

Late Night Cogitations

I can't sleep.  These past 6 weeks I've been in Honduras.  I returned 8 days ago and have barely stopped thinking about friends back there.  I walked in my front door at 5:50 a.m. from the airport and was eating... Continue Reading →


Daily Topic for May 6, 2018: Bubble   As the real world becomes visible on the horizon, I'm forced to contemplate what it is I'll be doing after graduation from college.  College.  I am graduating college!  The idea baffles me. ... Continue Reading →


Daily topic for April 14, 2018: Deplete The reality of it is, sometimes you need to hit rock bottom, be completely depleted of all energy and motivation to continue forward with whatever it may be.  Because that breaking point will... Continue Reading →


Daily Topic for April 8, 2018: Thwart For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter.  Which season do you most look forward to? This is one of those questions that I never actually want to... Continue Reading →


Daily Topic for April 7, 2018: Inchoate I woke up this morning and went for a run outside despite the lingering, winter air.  I'm writing, really writing, for the first time in a year.  I came to my computer with... Continue Reading →

Raw Breakfast Thoughts

Daily Topic for April 15, 2017: Cranky Wow it feels good to be back!  So much for writing every day.  My excuse is not that I do not have the time, rather I find time but I just can not... Continue Reading →

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