Daily Post Topic for November 25, 2016: Sated

An appropriate word choice for the day after Thanksgiving.  A day most of the world knows as Black Friday.  The hypocrisy of the two days is actually amazing.  After so many Thanksgivings of wishing I had those parents that went to Walmart for a new flat-screen TV at midnight, I am so glad that my parents are not those people.

Do you ever think about the inconsistency between these two consecutive days?  One, we are sat down together with family, friends, and loved ones, giving our thanks and taking in all the good energy, food smells, and love that fills the air.  We thank the almighty figure, the universe, whoever our creator may be, for satiating us with wealth in food and love.  We declare ourselves sated.  But, unfortunately, more people than not, are apparently not satisfied enough.

The next, and this applies mostly to people in the U.S., we are rushing out the door to go buy more.  Now, there is nothing wrong with shopping when stuff is on sale.  But this “holiday” (Black Friday) following Thanksgiving, is inching awfully close to Turkey Day.  Give it some personal space!  I means doors open at places like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Apple the night of!

Maybe I’ve just noticed this since last year because since last winter I’ve traveled to several less developed countries than the U.S., and I’m embarrassed that it took me going to a third-world country to realize what I had, and of those things, what I needed and what I wanted.

Just yesterday I spent my first EVER Thanksgiving without direct family around me.  My parents, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins gathered back at home, while I went about my day in a country that does not celebrate it.  It was okay, though.  I had my fellow international students that made the abroad life feel like home.  I really didn’t mind it all too much.  I celebrated my second Thanksgiving as a vegan, my first Turkey Day away from family, and I learned a lot about the value of what I have (over time, not just yesterday!).

I am satisfied with what I have.  Actually, no I’m not.  I actually have too much.  I want to help people.  I want to give.  Thank the universe for bringing Students Helping Honduras into my life.  My freshman year of college I joined the club, and got to go to Honduras last January to break ground on a recreation field outside the bilingual school in Villa Soleada.  For Christmas this year, all I want are donations that will help fund my next trip and raise money for the bilingual middle school.  If you would like to donate, 100% of the donations go to SHH because it’s a small non-profit organization, and you can click here!

Well, sometimes I go off topic, but point is, I am more than satisfied, and have felt that living with less for periods of time has broken my desire to have as much as or more than other people.  I am content and happy, and hope that anyone reading this finds a point to which you stop, take notice of what makes you happy, and say “I need no more, because I am happy.”

Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan, 2015