Daily Post Topic for November 28, 2016: Vigor

According to my dictionary.com app, my word of the day is vicissitude.  I suppose it could correlate with vigor.  To survive through the vicissitudes of life, the ups and downs, the hardships, we build vigor.

Just last year, I ended my soccer career of 10 years and moved away to college.  I wasn’t playing a sport 5 times a week anymore, so I needed something to keep my body active, moving.  I started working out, running, going to the gym— and it felt good!  I started a new diet: I cut out dairy, eggs, and meat.  Different people had different opinions and things to say about my “new vigorous lifestyle.”  But what about my opinion?

Well, I felt better than I had ever felt in my life.  I loved how I felt, I loved how I looked, and I had no complaints or regrets… and that holds true to this day.  Living in Costa Rica these past couple months has thrown off my regular exercise routine, but I had to adjust. I did other activities with great vigor.  I’ve climbed mountains, hiked volcanoes, gone surfing in rip currents, bungee jumped off a cable bridge.  But mentally I’ve also conquered a lot.  I’ve conquered living in this place and adjusting to what’s available.  I’ve had the mental capacity to design different routines that served me, even if it meant that I couldn’t 100% control what was on my plate every day, or wake up and exercise in the middle of the living room.

Balance, health, happiness, and vigorous gratitude.

Take time to say ‘thank you’ for having vigor.  We are lucky to have such drive.


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