Daily Post Topic for December 1, 2016: Echo

Echos: reverberations. repeats. copies… What better fits the literal definition of echos than annual Christmas traditions?

Christmas Countdown:  25 days

Some people like the Advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas, but I personally never got into those, mainly because it limits my chocolate intake!  (haha)

This year, though, I want to countdown to the holiday by doing a blog each day.  Christmas time is my favorite time of year and this year I have a whole list of activities I want to complete at some point during the season.  Here is my 2016 winter bucket list. Maybe it will spark some ideas for you, reader!


Winter Bucket List


  1. Watch the Grinch (with Jim Carey)- What made me think of this was the topic of “Echo.”  My favorite scene is in the Grinch’s cave when the echoes in the walls talk back to him.
  2. Take out a random book from the library and read it
  3. Go on a long bike ride
  4. Play Christmas songs on the piano
  5. Harry Potter Marathon
  6. Christmas movie night
  7. Test pumpkin pie recipes
  8. Sit by the fire and color in a meditation coloring book
  9. Cook swap party (have friends make cookies and bring them to share)
  10. Cookie making party (make cookies and eat while warm and fresh)
  11. Donate food to soup kitchen
  12. Make sandwiches/food bags for homeless
  13. Go skiing in the Pocono Mountains
  14. Give clothes to charity
  15. Drive around and see Christmas tree lights
  16. Make homemade Christmas cards for friends
  17. Do hot yoga
  18. Collect donations for Students Helping Honduras (click to check it out!)
  19. Try a new recipe twice a week
  20. Spend a day unplugged
  21. Visit the tree in Rockefeller Center
  22. Wrap presents
  23. Take part in secret santa
  24. Play in the snow with my dog (if there is snow!)
  25. Have a Christmas photoshoot (featuring Zuzu, my pup)
  26. Get cute Christmas pajamas
  27. Eat raw cookie dough (find dairy/egg-free and you can eat as much as you want without worrying about salmonella!)