Poas volcano is located in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica.  With an altitude of 2,708 meters (about 1.68 miles up), it’s no wonder hiking around to it gets you out of breathe.  Not only is the temperature much lower than the rest of the country, but so is the level of oxygen up there!

Poas is a sight to see, and lucky for me, I got to see it on a bright and clear day!  I actually came here with friends and the views were amazing, however when I brought my parents a month later, it was cloudy and there was only a 10 second period where they were able to see the volcano’s smoky center.  This excursion’s success really depends on the weather that day.

The walk to the volcano is a 10 minute flat walk in the cold, brisk air of the cloud forest.  There are several platforms to view the volcano from, and once you have viewed it, you can continue the path to la laguna.

Laguna Botos

After the lagoon, you can walk back on the short path you came, or you can continue down another, longer path that will take you a different route back to the entrance.  When I walked it with my friends it took an hour to walk back.  When I came with my parents, we had a time constraint and I had forgotten how long it really took.  Long story short, we did this path in 30 minutes to make the bus.

Both times I took the Poas tour, I had paid to do the day trip including a visit to La Paz Waterfall, and the Doka Coffee tour, so the combo price came to $103/person. I highly recommend taking this tour, even if you don’t take the combo (3 destination in 1 day) tour, just visiting Poas is so worth it.  It’s an active volcano in the center of Costa Rica!  Who wouldn’t want to visit?

My first visit with friends.