Daily Topic for December 8, 2016: Treasure

Christmas Countdown:  16 days

Don’t you love finding hidden treasures?  Last weekend I took a 5 a.m. ferry ride from Jaco to Paqueros, Costa Rica.  I paid 850 colones (less than US $2) to watch the sunrise in the Pacific.  When we disembarked, we drove down a windy and pothole filled road until we came to a path.  

The entrance was eerie yet welcoming. It led us to a waterfall on an empty beach.  I don’t know if I’ll ever find myself at the same longitude and latitude in my life, with no beach name, no street signs or ways to give directions of where we found ourselves in the moment.  But it was pure serenity.  Bliss.  A hidden gem.  We had hit the jackpot.  There was nothing but beach and the quiet hum of nature breathing.  Not a person in sight.  Although this beach’s name escaped me, there are many beaches I can recommend if you ever find yourself (and you should one day) on the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica:  Playa Carmen, Playa Teresa, Playa Curu, and my favorite of all, Playa Grande.  Playa Grande: It’s name saying it all.  It’s just a long patch of beach, a really wide, open, empty beach.  More presious, uninhabited space that we came across.  Not only perfect for cartwheel photo shoots, but also for sitting, breathing, and taking a moment to be present.  How rich: to breathe consciously.

I treasure experiences like that.