Daily Topics for December 12, 2016: Flee

Christmas Countdown: 13 days

All I can think about is going home.  These are the final predeparture days.  The supposed dreadful last days of a once in a lifetime experience, yet I feel relieved and excited to be returning to a familiar life.  I came here and created a life here.  A life that I will not find somewhere else.  The bed I sleep in, the way I wake up and greet my “family,” my walking route to school, my daily activities, explorations, city adventures, weekend vacations, all stays here with this place I’ve established a life in.  I flee this home for my other home in just 6 days and I can’t help but know that I’ll return one day, for sure.  I have fell in love with this place.  Yes, the things I dislike about this place, and the food that I’m sort of sick of, I love it all.  It’s all part of the Costa Rican package that I will treasure forever. 

I look forward to riding my bike to Gran’s house, and then walking next door to where my best friend and her mom live, the amazing and homey vegan bakery in town, the potential of snowfall, a kitchen to test new recipes, my fluffy pillow and soft sheets with foxes on them, sharing morning walks with my precious puppy Zuzu, and so much more.  So what do I do that makes me feel at home during the Christmas countdown?

  1. I’ve been listening to Christmas music: Specifically Pentatonix’s Christmas album from 2015 and 2016.
  2. Reading always takes my mind somewhere else:  I just finished the book ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown, which I highly recommend.  At one point, the author just did something where I had to put the book down, and think to link the chain of events.  His writing in this novel is incredible and after I finished I actually added two other books by him to my list of books to read (The Da Vinci Code and The Symbol).
  3. Add recipes to my list of to-dos!  When I get home I want to bake and cook so much and if things turn out tasty I will be sure to post my personal version on here under the recipes tab! 
  4. Watch Christmas movies:  If you have Netflix/internet this is especially easy because Netflix has so many holiday movies this time of year. If not, rent a movie or buy a disc and have a movie night, with snacks and friends!
  5. Color:  I brought my ‘Relax and De-stress with Magnificent Creatures’ coloring book with me, so after breakfast my housemates and I always have a coloring session with Christmas music playing.
  6. Make a winter/holiday bucket list: I made one a couple weeks ago and although its hard to complete ones that call for snow in a tropical country, it’s fun to create one for when I get home
  7. Start thinking of a New Year’s Resolution:  When I get home my resolution is to complete a writing prompt a day.  I downloaded a 365 days of prompts PDF and plan to write a blog post every day based on the prompt, starting January 1, 2017!  Let’s see how long I hold out!


Hope the Christmas countdown is going marvelously for all you readers out there!  Thank you so much for tuning in to my blog posts.  Also, the featured image for this post is a picture I took of cupcakes from my local vegan bakery in Matawan, New Jersey, called Papa Ganache.  It was opened about 4 years ago by the 2010 winner’s of Cupcake Wars- which means, oh yes, it’s yummy.