Daily Topic for December 11, 2016: Mystical

Christmas Countdown: 14 days

So this morning I woke up in Puerto Viejo.  That is where I decided to spend my last weekend here in Costa Rica.  I stayed at Kalunai hostel.  What I loved about the hostel:

  • The hosts: They are from Barcelona and they were super sweet and very accommodating
  • There is an open main area with 2 huge tables that everyone eats there homemade meals and talks
  • There are hammocks to hang in all day long
  • It’s close to the beach
  • They rent out their own bikes out for only $6/day
  • We could use the kitchen/store food in fridges at our leisure


I hate pointing out things I don’t like about hostels because I feel that it’s unhealthy and useless to gloat on the negative aspects, especially when me and my friends are “ballin’ on a budget” and shouldn’t be choosers like the old time saying, but for other people’s sake, here are a couple things I wasn’t too fond of:

  • Everyone was smoking cigarettes!  Like all day long, the hosts, the people who stayed there; I must not have been informed that it was so popular, and apparently allowed at this hostel.  I was inhaling cigarette smoke the whole weekend, and that bothered me a lot
  • The hand soap in the bathroom was an empty bottle when I arrived, and was never replaced my whole stay, so I could never wash my hands
  • More laid-back than clean and kept up


Definitely perfect for backpackers on the road for a cheap place to stay and meet people (I met a guy from England, a women from Sweden, and two people from Germany!)

Now, to the word of the day, mystical.  Of course my brain is switching to Christmas spirity at this time of year, so I hear mystical and think of mistletoe, and mystical stories, and hanging icicles.  Well, quite the opposite in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, sadly.  I’d never thought I’d say it, but, I’m craving my winter wonderland waiting back home for me.  I’m ready to be able to cook for myself again, try new holiday recipes, go to the gym, and honestly, get back to some challenging classes (laughs).

Before boarding my 1 p.m. bus back to San José, my friends and I stopped at a place called Bread and Chocolate.  Bread and Chocolate is a small, all natural, bakery and cafe right in Puerto Viejo.  They offer a variety of freshly baked goods, hand-made chocolate truffles, and cakes, as well as breakfast and lunch.


A stop that I recommend if you ever visit this area, although a little pricey for the backpackers budget (a veggie sandwich costing 4.125 colones- about US $8).  Regardless, they had a gluten-free, vegan chocolate cake that was good.  Prettier than it was delicious, it was still a nice generous slice.