Daily Topic for December 14, 2016: Conundrum

Gordian Knot, dog’s breakfast, hard nut to crack, quandary, complexity.

How interesting these expressions to describe puzzling and difficult situations are.

I am not a logical person, mentally.  Ask me to solve a math problem and sure I will get to the correct answer eventually, but I will probably not use the most logical or easiest or quickest way to solve it.  My brain just doesn’t work like that.  Which means I’m one of those kids that actually has to work hard for good grades, unlike my sister who is the opposite.

Therefore, my brain, like many similar to me, does not work on logic.  I work on intuition and judgement, hens my personality test results, INFJ (thank you Carl Jung).  I never liked puzzles with 1000 pieces, my sister did.  I never liked Legos with a million small parts that you needed a handbook to put it together; my sister did.  I didn’t like Rubik’s cubes until I finally learned how to do one.  I never took the time to learn it from youtube or a booklet, but my RA freshman year of college taught me how.  A personal, physical lesson right in front of me, no wonder I took to it.  That’s how I learn!  Conundrums are not fun for me.  I like brain teasers, and some think-outside-the-box activities, but it doesn’t come as quickly to me as it does to more logically-wired people.

Last year I watched the captivating and incredibly well made movie with Benedict Cumberbatch called ‘The Imitation Game.’  All about significant enigmas, it also delves into the mental arrangement of this man’s mind.  I won’t ruin anything, but I highly recommend this movie, there’s a reason it won an Academy Award!