Daily Topic for December 21, 2016: Enthusiasm

Christmas Countdown: 4 days

Well that certainly went fast.  I’m home for the holidays and I’m keeping busy.  With all the time I have nothing to do with, I am reading, getting back to my daily yoga practice, watching Spanish television, testing new recipes, making Christmas cards (because I have no money for gifts and it’s the thought that counts, right?), and sorting out clothes to give to the thrift store in town.  So, among all these sort-of-productive activities, I’ve been pretty relaxed and enthused.  My family is arriving from Florida tomorrow to celebrate the holiday, yesterday I made the most amazing pancakes and they lasted me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (see recipe here), and I completed some holiday cards.

I decided to start making people holiday cards last year when I realized that I could not give a gift to all my great friends that I had kept from high school and the couple I had made in my first year of college.  I am also a very sentimental person, and I care significantly about the meaning of “gifts”.  I will not go on vacation and bring you back some irrelevant, dust-collecting knick knack from a place you have never been to and will probably never go, to sit on your dresser for 8 years until you realize it was a waster of my money.  Therefore, making cards, in my opinion, is far more special and exciting than a random object.  I LOVE receiving cards, especially homemade ones.  Sadly, 19 year olds don’t do that— only one of my friends still makes me homemade cards for holidays and birthdays, and her’s is always my favorite.  Anyways, last year I bought a bunch of stuff I thought I could use based off of pinterest recommendations.  Stickers, ribbons, and artsy supplies can be expensive, but (1) Michaels/AC Moore always has coupons/deals and (2) My supplies last me a long time, so this year I used all leftovers.  These are some cards I made last year:


These are some of the cards I made this year:



  • I went to Home Depot and stole some of those paint swatches- green and red for holiday colors, but feel free to go crazy (not too crazy)
  • Layering paper is your best friend- it makes the card look so much more professional and like there was lots of time put into it (when really I probably spent less than 10 minutes on each).  So buy different patterned/textured papers
  • Decorative tape- I don’t know the official name, but there are rolls of this art tape for decorating notebooks, etc.  I bought a pack of 4 last year (holiday themed), and I’m pretty sure I’ll have them until I’m 30
  • Stickers, ribbons, letters, burlap, paint- all featured above somewhere, and used in various ways, get creative!


Hope you decide to gift a homemade card this year or years to come— or maybe you have your own DIY craft ideas!  You never know who’s really a warm, fuzzy, ball of mush on the inside!

Check out my recipe for the perfect Christmas morning pancakes here!