Daily Topic for Demcember 22, 2016: Calm

Christmas Countdown: 3 days

There is nothing like some sweet and serene yoga to center and stable yourself during this hectic time of year.  You don’t need money, you don’t need a membership, you just need a mat and a source of internet.  I do my own home practice following ‘Yoga With Adriene’.  I first started with her and followed her ’30 Days of Yoga’ from 2014.  I loved her practice and outlook so I continued, and quite liked carrying out my yoga practices by myself (rather than a class- personal preference).  I followed her ’30 Days of Yoga’ (1 video each day starting January 1 until January 30) for 2015, and I’m so happy right now because today she announced her new channel sequence for 2017 will be a series called ’31 Days of Yoga’.

This practice is something I began with no real intentions.  Now I continue to do it for many reasons.  Yoga for me is freedom from negative thought, release from the world around me for just a little bit of time, stillness, and connecting with my present self.  The exercise/toning factor of yoga is less of a motive for me.  It’s kind of like a bonus in addition to my meditation practice.  So many people think you need to be strong or flexible to do yoga… Not true at all!  Doing yoga will help you become those things if anything!

I just returned from the airport with my family from Florida, my sister’s class is at the house for a holiday party, there are currently 20+ people at my house, and I see that the daily prompt word is “calm,” so I sit down and start typing.  If you are part of a yoga community (classes in town or online like me), you probably can relate to how great it leaves you feeling.  If you have never done it, try it!  It doesn’t matter your age or your condition- it will get you in shape, help your digestion, warm your muscles, stretch you out, and more.  Still trying to think of a New Year’s resolution?  You’re welcome, I just gave you one.    


Ease, intention, honor, prana, balance… and with that, namaste.

Happy Holidays to all, and I hope you conjure some creativity and peace this season