Daily Topic for January 1, 2017: Year

Stroke of Midnight:  Where were you last night when 2016 turned into 2017?  Is it where you wanted to be?


Last night I was at work.  I work at a restaurant where I work banquet parties such as weddings, proms, birthday parties, or like last night, a New Year’s party hosted by a family.  The party was scheduled to end at 1 a.m., meaning I would be there when the clock stroke midnight.  At 11:58, my boss, the chefs, and all my coworkers gathered in the kitchen with our plastic coffee cups filled with champagne, and we counted down.  My feet were blistered from being on my feet for 8 hours, I was sweaty and hungry, but I was surrounded by great people.  I didn’t mind being where I was this New Year’s Eve when the clock turned.  

We gulped down our champagne and went straight back to work.  It didn’t feel like a new year!  It was surreal.  Physically I was at work, but where was I mentally?  I was reminiscing on one of the best years of my life.  For me, that is what 2016 was.  I traveled, discovered, adapted, explored, learned, came out of my comfort zone.  In 2015 I was a person who had never seen life outside the U.S.  By January 2016, I had been to Honduras with my chapter from college, and I finished the year with 3 other countries under my belt.  And it’s not just a checklist of where I’ve stepped foot.  I lived among locals.  I called San José, Costa Rica my home even though it is not the prettiest part of the country.  I am growing in the best way.  My mind is opening in ways you cannot simulate with anything other than travel.  I will advocate travelling because the hard parts of these experiences are the things that change you.

I hope everyone was happy with where they stood last night when the clocks stroke midnight.  Now I’m off to complete some new year’s resolutions!  Keep ’em up for as long as you can!  Happy New Year everyone!  That’s it, new slate, no complaining, no excuses, make this year the best, even when something threatens otherwise, prove it wrong.  Say it to yourself until you believe it, “This is gonna be a great year…”


“The best way to get something done is to begin”