Daily Topic for January 3, 2017: Gone

Kick it:  What is the 11th item on your bucket list?

The 11th item on my bucket list, which I organize in no specific order, is completing a half marathon.  Follow by my next item, completing a marathon.  I like running, and I like being active and pushing myself when I am active, therefore that event inevitably found its way onto my list.  I have a long list, and a decent amount I have completed, so do I remove them from my list, or check them off?  For example the 10th item on my list is to go water rafting, which I completed on the Colorado River in 2014.  I like glancing at my list and seeing checked off tasks.  As I check one off, I add one on.

My exercise regime currently is a mixture of HIIT and running several times a week.  The circuit I run in my town equates to 4 miles.  How I would prepare my self for running a half marathon (13.1 miles) is to simply increase the distance I run every day.  With time, I would continue to increase my running distance until I feel comfortable running at least 10 miles without having to stop.  I’ve never trained for a half marathon.  Maybe I should do a google search or something.  Hey, maybe this post will get me started on completing that bucket list task.  So thank you ‘365 writing prompts’ and readers from wide and far.  Stay tuned for later posts to see if I ever complete that challenge!  (If I do, I will surely write about it)

P.S. Featured image is from last spring when I came across a trail in Baltimore, MD



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