Daily Topic for January 6, 2017: Float

My favorite:  What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person?  Tell us about it.

Floating.  When I’m back in my hometown that’s how I feel, like I’m floating.  Going nowhere, on the brink of drowning.  That’s sounds awfully depressing but after too much time back home I have the urge to leave again, and that’s only because I know there is so much more out there.  Before I had ever left home, I didn’t know that.  I didn’t know that it was all true.  The world is a damn huge place.  Coming home, though, I get to see people I’ve missed.  The most time I’ve been away from my favorite person was 4 months.  It was just recently, when I left to study abroad.  My favorite person is old-fashioned and wise, and she always corresponds with me through letters, which I love reading and responding to.  I admire her and her stories of growing up, and raising my mom and 3 boys.  After she turns 81 in July, she’s traveling to Iceland with her friends in her community.  How awesome is she?  I only hope that that is me when I live to be 81.  I sometimes forget how old she is (haha), because a lot of people don’t still live on their own, and drive a car at her age, but she does!

She’s my only grandparent, but she makes up for all of them.  Spending time away from her was hardest because sending letters abroad took long, so I was in touch with her the least.  But when I’m home I see her all the time because she lives so close, and I’m so grateful for that!