Daily Topic for January 9, 2017: Shine

1984:  You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear.  Describe what’s in the room?

Imagine I was scared of snakes or spiders, this questions would be easy peezy.  Unfortunately I can only think of abstract fears.  In the room with me, my current most prevalent thought, is a future me who is unhappy and not satisfied with where my life has gone.  I think I would witness, in the room, a sobbing, depressed version of myself with a sucky job, no family, no more travel experience than the little I already have.  I mean this isn’t something I am haunted thinking about, but I think if I were to witness a future version of myself, good or bad, I would be scared.  Maybe fearful if it would hold true if I changed some things in the present.  Who knows.  It’s probably bad to put this out there, because now I’m actualizing it and making it real.  I’m not scared of the future, per say, I think the idea of being told, or given a glimpse of the future would freak me out.  For this, I am not a person who would ever go to a psychic.  Whether true or not, these readings, I believe, mostly put ideas in your head in which you go with confidently, and cause everything around you to force it to be true in some regard (my opinion).  Why go to someone to tell you those things if all you have to do is believe what they are saying?  Make up your own future.  That’s what I’m doing, at least.  It’s not easy.  And failure certainly doesn’t help along the way.  But that’s the universe testing you.  If you give up, you don’t pass the test.  Prove em’ all wrong!  Don’t know why this turned into a successful-life pep talk, but hey, everything is welcome.  

Happy Monday

P.S.  Featured image is me on the ski lift from my trip this weekend, sorry for not writing the past two days, love you readers!