Daily Topic for January 29, 2017: Yellow

Through the window:  Go to the nearest window.  Look out for a full minute.  Write about what you saw.

I think it is worth it to mention that I just moved back to school yesterday, therefore, I have quite the view out of my window from the 11th floor.  Across the way I see trees, not really pretty trees, just long lonely branches  reaching as tall as the tower I stand in.  It is winter, therefore most things outside are cold and barren.  (Can you tell I long for summer?)  If I crank my neck to look all the way down to the street I see a campus police car parked in front a fire hydrant— HA, the irony.  I counted 6 cars pass by in my minute of watching.  Looking to the right and across the street I can make out the Center for the Arts building that I never have classes in but have attended shows at.  Hey, arts are important people!  I’m not talking about finger painting or even just theater.  Arts are organized clubs that come together for a common interest, whether it be sewing, a religious organization, a volunteer club, etc.  This stuff is just as important, and that may just be “my opinion”, and I respect everyone’s, but studies have shown that emphasizing the importance of arts proves for children (and adults later in life) to be more mentally stable, produce better grades in school (!), and be aware of the truly imporant biproducts that life supplies.  Mental, physical, emotional stability.  Not money, not fame, not a fancy car, not even straight A’s.  Your brain.  The capacity it holds.  What it retains.  Not a number on a paper.

WOAH THERE, okay, done with that tangent.  IF you want to learn more about some things I mentioned above, I highly recommend you watch the documentary ‘Where To Invade Next’ by Michael Moore.

So, where was I?  Ah, the Arts building.  Next to that is the Union parking garage, and I can see the end of the street all the way across campus.  It looks so close because I can see it from my window, but it actually take 12-15 to walk to.  Still not bad, some of my friends attend schools where they have to get bused from different campus divisions within the campus.  So yeah, I like my view.  Funny, yellow is my school color.  Yellow and black, go Tigers!