Daily Topic for February 3, 2017: Overwhelming

Writing room:  A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing.  What’s it like?

Well it’s been a couple days since I’ve written.  I completed my first week back at school.  I moved back out of the house with all my essentials, obviously leaving behind my mattress topper and notebooks— sadly the truth.  But here I am.  Back on campus.  This prompt and word for today is perfect because it’s so relevant right now.  I’m overwhelmed coming back to school.  Not just from work load, but from emotions, feelings.  I’ve thought about this moment, this time that would come.  I used to think about it when I was back in Costa Rica.  Before I know it, I’ll be living back in the States, on some boring old campus, wishing I was back here in Costa Rica.  And now I’m here.  It’s hard to process, actually.  The emotions I have are scattered all over.  I’m excited for school, anatomy classes and my spanish course.  I’m also putting myself under a lot of pressure to get a 4.0 this semester, something I’ve never done before, and won’t be easy to obtain.  With that said, I need time to study.  When I’m at school, I have less “stuff” to worry about.  School is my job.  I don’t have to chip in with the chores around the house, or pickup something at the store for someone else.  This sounds sad, like I’d rather be alone.  That’s not how I mean it.  I just mean that when I want to do well, I can do it, when I feel that I have the resources and time to devote all of myself to that task.  Getting A’s means I need time to sit down and read (whether it’s my Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology textbook or the novel I’m currently reading).  I need a clean, organized space.  Which segways perfectly into my prompt for February 3rd.  (BTW: How is it already February???)

My perfect space would be a small room with white walls, good lighting, and a huge window.  In the middle, an enormous, comfy love-seat that could easily fit 3 people, but really I’d be the only one ever sitting in it. That chair would be for pleasure reading, or writing letters (a past time of mine).  A large desk would occupy one wall where I would sit and study, or read or write for a class.  Another wall would be a library of books.  The wall itself acting as the shelves for all the books I had.  Overall, my perfect space would be a plain and quiet rincón, but understanding and nonjudgmental of it’s inhabitants’ need to unwind from the outside world.



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