Daily Topic for April 15, 2017: Cranky

Wow it feels good to be back!  So much for writing every day.  My excuse is not that I do not have the time, rather I find time but I just can not come up with enough to say.  But now I feel that I have accumulated a wide enough array of ideas I would like to share with anyone who wants to read.  Thank you, reader.

In contrast to the word of the day “cranky”, I am not cranky.  I’m home for Easter weekend.  I am relaxed, I am satisfied, and I’m excited.  Yesterday I had a kitchen to cook my meals in, instead of dining hall food.  I also took a great long bubble bath last night, after a day of bike riding with my dad and playing soccer with friends.  It just felt good.  School is good, too, but for different reasons.  

This morning I woke up and made myself some super yummy
oatmeal, to which I added cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds, and agave honey.  Maybe soon I’ll post a recipe blog on some of my favorite oatmeal combos.  


So before starting this post, I made a list of topics I wanted to include.  I wasn’t going to include the list, I was simply planning to expand upon each of them, but then I decided ‘Why not include it?  Let the readers know what my theme consists of on this fine Spring day.’  Here is my super unedited and not-grammatically-structured-correctly list of ideas to discuss with you readers.

-title meaning

-summer jobs vs traveling

-college is hard

-It feels good to write

-how to rank your to-do list by level of priority/ what are your priorities?

-update: i’m training for a half marathon

Title Meaning:

I love the name of this post.  Because you totally don’t know what I mean until you read the blog.  I thought about naming it “Breakfast Thoughts”, which I would want people to interpret as thoughts that come to mind while eating breakfast.  However they could also interpret it to mean my thoughts on breakfast.  I thought about naming it Breakfast Thoughts (raw), in which a reader might be confused about what was raw: the breakfast or the thoughts?  I also thought about naming it Breakfast Raw Thoughts, in which I would hope a reader would understand that ‘raw’ is referring to my thoughts, and unfortunately not my breakfast for the day.  But this option could also be interpreted as my thoughts on raw breakfast.  I like the diversity of meaning in a title, but to clarify, this post is about my thoughts, while I happen to be preparing/eating breakfast.  I usually have a raw breakfast: fruit and peanut butter or avocado, but today I had oatmeal (not raw if cooked).  Rather, the “Raw’ is referring to everything that I am spilling onto this page.  Not read or edited by anyone but me, myself, and I.  Unformed and organic.  

Summer Jobs vs Traveling:

For those that do not know, I am a undergraduate student in the hopes of going to grad school one day for physical therapy.  Another thing that you may not know is that there is a lot of planning that goes into even just thinking about that possibility of going to PT school.  Summers are time for me to work and make money, and volunteer at physical therapy facilities so I can absorb as much information as I possibly can.  I am passionate about the field and truly enjoy spending my time in these atmospheres, but accumulating hours does take time, and I also want to get experience with different places, such as out-patient, in-patient (hospital), maybe aquatic, or even home health PT.  It takes a lot of preparation, research, and connections, and sometimes worrying about that gets me more overwhelmed than study for my anatomy exams.  But what about friends, and traveling?  I want to let-loose and go on adventures, too.  So how can I split up a summer of traveling and holding a job?  Well, I don’t have the clear-cut answer.  But what I thought would be easiest it to break my time off up into chunks.  I let my volunteer and work places know I wouldn’t be available until the beginning on June, which is a week and a half after when I actually end school.  In that first week and a half that I’m off, I plan to visit one of my friends on the west coast, while also doing a tiny bit of solo traveling.  I intend to tell my boss/mentor plenty of time in advance that in August I will take a couple days off to make a trip to Chicago, since my sister will become a freshman in college this fall.  And of course depending on your work schedule, if your weekends are available, you can go on mini road trips for 1-3 days.  It’s hard when what you are studying really has not much to do with your desire to leave and travel all around.  My interest career-wise really has me stationed at home at a local hospital for example.  Sometimes I feel like I’ll regret dedicating my hours to these places instead of visiting my friend who will be studying in Ireland this summer.  Who knows, maybe I will.  But then buying a flight ticket is another roadblock.  My parents will help me fund certain expenses when they need to, but they will not shell out hundreds for a trip simply because I want to go.  Understandable.  

So here is what I would figure out.  What is your budget/how flexible is your spending?  If you need to actually work for a couple weeks before you even think about leaving, then do that.  But set a goal.  Commit to specific hours at a job, do some math and figure out the time frame in which it will take you to save enough money that will comfortably allow you to take a trip.  And let your boss know that you’ll want off then. Even if you don’t have set-in-stone plans, tell your boss anyway.  It’s better for them to think you won’t be there and you end up staying to work, then waiting to tell them until you realize you want to go.  Treat yo’self.  When you save up enough, go!  Okay this makes me sound like a really impulsive spender and horrible saver.  I’m a good saver.  But if this is something you decide in advance you want, plan and make it happen.  

“A plan without a goal is just a wish” -Antoine de Saint

 College is hard:

It depends what your goals are, though.  My goal isn’t to come out with a degree that I have no intent on using or just applying towards a job I will hate going to.  I’m trying to figure out what I WANT, like actually would love to dedicate my time and talent to.  It does not even have to be for the rest of my life.  There are too many things I want to do for me to say that my career will be the only career path I ever go down.  Yes, I’m in school so that I can be a physical therapist, but I want to do other things, too.  This is my life we’re talking about!  PT can be fun, that’s why I study it, but I like to diversify my fun.  

Adjusting to living with other people that are not your family is hard.  

Juggling your classes plus club meetings and activities, internships and volunteering, maybe add a job, too.  Yeah, it adds up.  My advice, don’t think about more than 1 thing at time.  Sounds stupid, right?  I know!  That’s why it’s so genius, because people totally don’t think to do it.  To stop, take a second, and breathe!  If you have a long list of things to do, it helps me to just do the first thing that comes into my head.  Done.  Next.  Instead of wasting time and writing it all down so it’s all visible and overwhelming.  I totally understand writing it down works for some people, but if not, try the alternative.  

Remember to think about the right now.  What are you doing right now?  That’s easy, you are reading my blog.  What do you smell?  Where are you? What is around you?  Who is around you?  What can you taste?  You can stretch beyond the literally-right-now, but just give your brain a break from worrying about next week, or the loans you will have to pay back in 5 years, and the summer classes you have to take.  Just let that be for a moment.  I find meditation (and if you don’t like meditation, just call it a brain break) to be very rejuvenating and self-relieving.  It’s like finally clearing out all of the dishes that have been piled up up in your sink.

If feels good to write:


Ranking and Determining YOUR Priorities:

  1. Identify your goal or vision:  What will optimize your pleasure and minimize your pain?  What do you want to see yourself do?  For example, I want to see myself get the job as a Group Exercise Instructor at the gym on campus.  But I also want to run a marathon this summer.  And visit my friend in California in July…..
  2. How much commitment/time does your task take?  Is it an application for job that can be done in 30 minutes, or is something that takes weeks/months?  
  3. Designate time for both the quick task, and the task that takes a while.  If they are in your top priority, you will make time in the day (or week) for them.  But how?
  4. Build your schedule around those priorities/what maximizes your pleasure.  For example,  my priorities include eating a healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner, running/working out, studying during the semester, seeing my friends, listening to Spanish podcasts, practicing meditation/yoga.  These are the priorities I complete several times a week. What about my other “priorities” that I really just don’t have time for?  
  5. Incorporate a little bit of those other things on your list into the day once a week, then twice, then maybe three times a week.  Replace this task in place of something you spend time doing that you do not really enjoy or benefit from.  Instead of waking up and watching the horribly depressing news, take your dog for a walk, or read a book.  P.S. I do not have a TV at college, and I can not tell how liberating it feels not to watch the news every morning.
  6. Mentally and physically declutter the junk that does not serve you.  I have found that carrying less “things” has served well when I need to get stuff done.  I do not have so much to take care of or worry about.  This goes for your mind and your house.  For example: less clothes, less laundry.  Less furniture, less dusting.  Less time spent doing things nobody enjoys doing!

“If it is important to you, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse”

Update:  I’m training for a marathon

It is true.  I am training for a marathon.  And it feels great!  I have been in good enough shape since high school to comfortably run at least 3 miles.  I usually would run 3-4 if I was considering the run my workout for the day.  I downloaded RunKeeper, an app on my phone that I think is really useful and helpful for my goals.  You can sign up for challenges created by people in your area or anywhere in the country, and it encourages you to get out and complete it in a fixed amount of time.  The app is great for when I am actually running, too.  I start my run by pressing a button, and every 5 minutes (you can change how often) it tells you the time, how far you have traveled, and your mile pace.  This is great for me or anyone who wants to very specifically gauge their pace and/or mileage.  You can also log in how you feel after the run, take a picture, add what shoes you wore and it will keep a log on how many miles in total you have ran in your shoes.  It incorporates rest/cross training days, too.  

So I started my training officially on spring break, which was the last full week in March.  So it has been about 4 weeks, and I am doing very well.  I do “shorter” runs (4-6 miles) usually 3 times a week, and then a long run on Saturday.  I am not perfect.  I am human.  I am a college student.  I have class, and I am sore after some days at the gym.  Last week I only ran twice during the week.  I did not build up my miles onto one run.  I skipped a run, and that was just an extra rest day for me.  I also have class, and studying, and incorporating running can be hard, especially since I only really prefer to do it in the morning.   It’s definitely a mental game as much as, if not more than, a physical one.  I am really enjoying the training process.  I think that it is supposed to be the most fun part.  I would like to say this summer I will complete a full marathon, but I don’t want to injure myself by moving too fast.  However a half marathon is definitely in the the cards.  More posts to come on my experience with training, and recipes of what I eat to stay fueled!

As always, thank you for reading!  

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P.S.  Took me a couple days to finish this post which I started Saturday, so I’m linking today’s daily topic below.

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