Daily topic for April 14, 2018: Deplete

The reality of it is, sometimes you need to hit rock bottom, be completely depleted of all energy and motivation to continue forward with whatever it may be.  Because that breaking point will be also be the beginning of the turning point.  Depletion.  Maybe perceived as empty,  unloved, morose, sullen.  But could it be a notification to recharge your battery.  You are depleted of charge.  All one shall do is simply recharge.  Simply, however, easier said than done, am I right?  Maybe, yes.  But is there any other direction to move once you have hit that low-fuel ‘E’.  The only response is to “fill-er up”.

So, whether you need this post now, or have needed it in the past, or don’t resonate with it at all, take it with a grain of salt.  Take it as you may.





P.S.  The featured picture this post is one a friend captured of me painting Jose Trinidad elementary school down in Honduras.  Thanks to everyone who helped Towson University’s SHH chapter fundraise the funds we needed to complete this much needed school for la comunidad de Alexander Lopez.

My school is now fundraising to finish the Luis Landa middle school in the community of Arena Blanca, Yoro, Honduras.  Awareness.  Education.  Support.  Love.  If you would like to support, click here.  Read more by clicking my tab ‘Volunteer Sustainably’ at the top of the page 🙂