My organic adventure

"Smart travelers remember where they are. Wise travelers forget where they are. Perfect travelers forget where they are from." Anonymous




Daily Topic for December 11, 2016: Mystical Christmas Countdown: 14 days So this morning I woke up in Puerto Viejo.  That is where I decided to spend my last weekend here in Costa Rica.  I stayed at Kalunai hostel.  What... Continue Reading →


Choco Nutter Nano Smoothie

I enjoyed coming up with a name for this amazingly delicious and simple-to-make drink.  I actually never call it a choco nutter nano, but it's catchy and cute as a title.. right? I am ALL about simple recipes.  I mean... Continue Reading →

Chocolate for lunch, Lionfish for dinner?

Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival 2016 My second trip to Puerto Viejo was exciting and casual because I was returning to a place I now knew.  I knew exactly where to go for my vegan ice cream, knew where to lay... Continue Reading →

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