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"Smart travelers remember where they are. Wise travelers forget where they are. Perfect travelers forget where they are from." Anonymous


Costa Rica

Farewell Costa Rica

And so the goodbyes begin.  Yesterday my study abroad program held the Farewell Dinner for our party of 51.  Despite our large group, I have built fond memories with a lot of these individuals and know that I'll be seeing... Continue Reading →



Daily Topics for December 12, 2016: Flee Christmas Countdown: 13 days All I can think about is going home.  These are the final predeparture days.  The supposed dreadful last days of a once in a lifetime experience, yet I feel... Continue Reading →


Daily Topic for December 11, 2016: Mystical Christmas Countdown: 14 days So this morning I woke up in Puerto Viejo.  That is where I decided to spend my last weekend here in Costa Rica.  I stayed at Kalunai hostel.  What... Continue Reading →


Daily Topic for December 8, 2016: Treasure Christmas Countdown:  16 days Don't you love finding hidden treasures?  Last weekend I took a 5 a.m. ferry ride from Jaco to Paqueros, Costa Rica.  I paid 850 colones (less than US $2)... Continue Reading →

Poas: Active Volcano

Poas volcano is located in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica.  With an altitude of 2,708 meters (about 1.68 miles up), it's no wonder hiking around to it gets you out of breathe.  Not only is the temperature much lower... Continue Reading →


Daily Post Topic for November 26, 2016: Liminal In between nothing and something.  Potentially reaching threshold and causing an all-or-nothing response.  Well, I'm in a pretty liminal state here and now.  My 99th day in Costa Rica has come.  Just... Continue Reading →


Daily Post Topic for November 25, 2016: Sated An appropriate word choice for the day after Thanksgiving.  A day most of the world knows as Black Friday.  The hypocrisy of the two days is actually amazing.  After so many Thanksgivings of... Continue Reading →

How to identify and overcome culture shock

"Why am I looking at piece of toast?" You may be asking.  I'll get to that in the end... Culture shock can happen to anyone in any place!  How do we even know when we are going through it?  And... Continue Reading →

Black Sand Beaches and Snorkeling in Cahuita

So on my field trip for tropical marine biology, we traveled down to the Caribbean shore to snorkel on the only coral reef in Costa Rica. Along the coast we found a variety of marine life such as sargassums, sea... Continue Reading →

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