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"Smart travelers remember where they are. Wise travelers forget where they are. Perfect travelers forget where they are from." Anonymous



Bricks, Sweat, and Baleadas

Daily Topic for January 14: Unseen So I attend Towson University in Maryland.  There I am a member of the non-profit organization called Students Helping Honduras (SHH), which I have referenced in other posts.  This organization is much different from... Continue Reading →


Farewell Costa Rica

And so the goodbyes begin.  Yesterday my study abroad program held the Farewell Dinner for our party of 51.  Despite our large group, I have built fond memories with a lot of these individuals and know that I'll be seeing... Continue Reading →

Poas: Active Volcano

Poas volcano is located in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica.  With an altitude of 2,708 meters (about 1.68 miles up), it's no wonder hiking around to it gets you out of breathe.  Not only is the temperature much lower... Continue Reading →

How to identify and overcome culture shock

"Why am I looking at piece of toast?" You may be asking.  I'll get to that in the end... Culture shock can happen to anyone in any place!  How do we even know when we are going through it?  And... Continue Reading →

Chocolate for lunch, Lionfish for dinner?

Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival 2016 My second trip to Puerto Viejo was exciting and casual because I was returning to a place I now knew.  I knew exactly where to go for my vegan ice cream, knew where to lay... Continue Reading →

Black Sand Beaches and Snorkeling in Cahuita

So on my field trip for tropical marine biology, we traveled down to the Caribbean shore to snorkel on the only coral reef in Costa Rica. Along the coast we found a variety of marine life such as sargassums, sea... Continue Reading →

Puerto Viejo

Probably one of the most happening beaches I've been to in Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo holds so many different hostels, restaurants, and activities.  Located south in the province of Limón, Puerto Viejo sits on the Caribbean sea and inhabits a... Continue Reading →

Finca los Warumos

This was one of my favorite experience thus far in this country.  Partly for the fact that it was unique and unexpected, but also because of how Roderick shared his ideas and farming philosophies with us. My 3 friends and... Continue Reading →

7 Things To Know Before Coming to Costa Rica

So you're planning a trip to Costa Rica, eh?  Here are 7 things that may help you to know before visiting. 1.  Costa Ricans are called 'Ticos' A tico is a man from Costa Rica, and a tica is a women from Costa Rica. ... Continue Reading →

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